Our values and mission

La Fabrique de l’industrie takes an in-depth, multi-disciplinary approach to the current situation and perspectives of industry in France and Europe. We work on relationships between the industry and the land, the attractiveness of industry-related jobs, opportunities and challenges brought by globalization and innovation as well as its competitiveness. Industry-related jobs, skills and energy transition are also at the forefront of our research work. By working in collaboration with a lot of other institutions, we encourage the confrontation of opinions and analyses, which is a necessary step towards shedding a light on a complex reality.

La Fabrique produces different kinds of books, briefing documents and multimedia tools, all available online for free. We share our expertise to fuel the public debate by answering questions from the media and by participating in various conference talks.


La Fabrique de l’industrie is a 1901-law association created in october of 2011. Our board of administrators gathers representatives from our funders: UIMM, France Industrie and GIM. We also benefit from comments and opinions on the part of our board of strategic advisors, which is comprised of CEOs, union representatives, academic experts and media members. They are our gatekeepers when it comes to scientific quality, relevance and diversity of our work.

At the moment, Louis Gallois, former Chairman of the supervisory board of PSA Group and Pierre-André de Chalendar, president of Saint-Gobain, are La Fabrique’s acting Chairmen.

Our team

Board of administrators

  • Bruno BERTHET, Chairman of the GIM,
  • Pierre-André de CHALENDAR, Chairman of Saint-Gobain and co-Chairman of La Fabrique de l’industrie,
  • Jean-Marie DANJOU, Delegate Executive Officer of France Industrie,
  • Jean-Pierre FINE, General Secretary of UIMM,
  • Louis GALLOIS, former Chairman of the supervisory board of PSA Group and co-Chairman of La Fabrique de l’industrie,
  • Hubert MONGON, Executive Officer of UIMM,
  • Alexandre SAUBOT, Chairman of France Industrie, Chairman of Haulotte,
  • Éric TRAPPIER, Chairman of UIMM, CEO of Dassault Aviation.

Strategic advisors

La Fabrique de l’industrie is working alongside a board of scientific and strategic advisors who oversee the scientific quality, relevance and distinctiveness of the work we do, as well as ensure diversity and balance in perspectives and opinions. Members of this board participate in their own personal capacity and their companies or institutions do not commit in any way towards La Fabrique de l’industrie. Their participation does not means that they buy in each and every message, result or conclusion conveyed by La Fabrique de l’industrie.

As of December 31, 2021, strategic board members are as follows:

  • Gabriel ARTERO, Chairman of CFE-CGC metallurgy federation,
  • Vincent AUSSILLOUX, Chief of the economics-finances department at France Stratégie,
  • Michel BERRY, founder and manager of l’école de Paris du management,
  • Augustin BOURGUIGNAT, Project manager at Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale
  • Serge BRU, CFTC representative at the bureau du Conseil national de l’industrie,
  • Benjamin CORIAT, Professor at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (Paris 13),
  • Philippe DARMAYAN, former Chairman of ArcelorMittal France,
  • Pierre-André de CHALENDAR, Chairman of Saint-Gobain, co-Chairman of La Fabrique de l’industrie,
  • Joël DECAILLON, vice-Chairman of Bridge (Bâtir le renouveau industriel sur la démocratie et le génie écologique),
  • Stéphane DISTINGUIN, founder and Chairman of Fabernovel, Chairman of Cap Digital,
  • Elizabeth DUCOTTET, CEO of Thuasne,
  • Pierre DUQUESNE, ambassador, in charge of coordinating international support for Lebanon,
  • Philippe ESCANDE, editorial writer for Le Monde,
  • Olivier FAVEREAU, distinguished professor in economics at Université Parix X,
  • Denis FERRAND, Executive Officer of Rexecode,
  • Jean-Pierre FINE, General Secretary of UIMM,
  • Louis GALLOIS, former Chairman of the supervisory board of PSA Group and co-Chairman of La Fabrique de l’industrie,
  • Pascal GATEAUD, former editor-in-chief at L’Usine Nouvelle,
  • Pierre-Noël GIRAUD, professor of economics at Université Paris-Dauphine and Mines ParisTech,
  • Frédéric GONAND, economics advisor for UIMM, associated professor of economics at Université Paris-Dauphine,
  • Éric KELLER, Federal Secretary of FO Métaux,
  • Élisabeth KLEIN, Executive Officer of CFT Industrie,
  • Dorothée KOHLER, Executive Officer of KOHLER C&C,
  • Gilles KOLÉDA, Scientific Director of Érasme-Seuréco,
  • Marie-José KOTLICKI, co-General Secretary of UGICT-CGT,
  • Éric LABAYE, Executive Officer of l’École polytechnique,
  • Emmanuel LECHYPRE, editorial writer at BFM TV and BFM Business,
  • Fanny LÉTIER, co-founder of GENEO Capital Entrepreneur,
  • Olivier LLUANSI, Associate at Strategy&PWC,
  • Antonio MOLINA, Chairman of the supervisory board of Mäder Group,
  • Philippe MUTRICY, Director of evaluation, research and prospective at Bpifrance,
  • Hélène PESKINE, permanent Secretary at Plan d’Urbanisme construction architecture in ministère de la transition écologique,
  • Christian PEUGEOT, former Chairman of the Comité des constructeurs français d’automobiles,
  • Philippe PORTIER, CFDT National Secretary,
  • Grégoire POSTEL-VINAY, Strategy Director, Direction générale des entreprises, ministère de l’Économie,
  • Didier POURQUERY, founder of the French version of The Conversation and former managing editor,
  • Joseph PUZO, Chairman of AXON’CABLE SAS and Matéralia,
  • Xavier RAGOT, Executive Officer of l’OFCE,
  • Robin RIVATON, Investment Director – Venture Smart City at Eurazeo,
  • Alexandra ROULET, economics professor at l’Insead,
  • Frédéric SAINT-GEOURS, vice-Chairman of the SNCF administrative board,
  • Ulrike STEINHORST, Chairwoman of Nuria Conseil,
  • Pierre VELTZ, former CEO of Paris-Saclay,
  • Dominique VERNAY, vice-Chairman of l’Académie des technologies,
  • Jean-Marc VITTORI, editorial writer at Les Echos.

Key figures

  • Around 150,000 pages seen per year on our website www.la-fabrique.fr
  • 110,000 views on our YouTube channel
  • More than 7,000 followers on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • 40 “Notes de La Fabrique” published since 2012, as well as 7 books, 28 “Synthèses”, 20 “Cubes” and 19 “Docs de La Fabrique”
  • 29 conference talks gathering an audience of 100 to 250 people
  • More than 50 different themed lectures
  • Around 15 educational briefing documents for students and teachers
  • 9 employees and 1 PhD candidate in 2022

In 2021, our funding amounted to 1.3 million euros Several industrial federations are funding La Fabrique de l’industrie : UIMM (700 k€), France Industrie (400 k€), GIM (200 k€) and GIFAS (14 k€). Those amounts were extended to 2022.